Licensing and Technicians

Certified Experts

We make sure that technicians are properly licensed and insured so they know what they are doing on each job to ensure quality control and customer service. We have some of the most skilled security professionals around, and they ensure professionalism in their work as well as friendly service. Several places require Locksmith trade licenses and you can be assured that we maintain these licenses where needed.

You are in Secure Hands

We have technicians throughout the United States so that we can be prepared to deliver quick service for all your facilities according to your need. Having the right tradespeople in position will help to make each job done properly. Absolute has dependable and proven security specialists to help make your facilities management a success.

Rollouts and National Projects


The preparation of a national rollout can be an enormous task. It takes careful panning and project managers who work carefully with experienced teams to properly create effective directives for seamless execution. Absolute Lock and Security has the infrastructure ready to develop a plan to implement new strategies for your security rollouts.

Strategies and Implementation

We know how to get your national rollout going from start to finish. With different facilities come different issues, many of which we cannot foresee unless we are at that location. We prepare strategies and backups to those strategies to keep the project moving even if those unforeseen issues arise. Absolute cares about your facilities and the cost it takes to create new security measures. We can present several options and implement them based on risk, cost and importance for you specifically.


Different Industries We Service

  • Retail Locations
  • Financial Institutions
  • Property Management
  • Healthcare and Wellness
  • Educational Facilities
  • Government Establishments
  • Restaurants and Food Venues
  • Grocery and Convenience Stores

Convenience without Sacrificing Excellence

Convenience for our customers is key as we strive to meet your company’s needs with unparalleled communication both on the corporate side and with the managers that our technicians speak with.

Our goal is to offer a Turnkey solution for each of your establishments from beginning to end. We want you to know that we will handle your security situations practically with little strain on you. We offer extended service agreements to minimize any inconveniences for your management crew. Absolute works with manufactures, suppliers and vendors to create security solutions for each of your locations. These relationships are kept strong so that we can keep a high level of purchasing power to save your company money even further.


No matter how much planning goes into your security solutions strategy there will always be unexpected events that result in emergencies. These situations call for someone that you know will keep your facility at the top of its priority list. Absolute Lock and Security is a company that you can trust and will not wait to get your emergency taken care of. We are ready to send out the proper professional to resolve any emergency situation you may have 24/7/365.

Quality Control

In-house Technical Assistance

Absolute has actual Security technicians in the office to help with tech support and can direct you to your proper need any time of day. These technicians are prepared to help managers answer questions about their individual issues and guide the technicians through job-specific questions they may have.

Qualified and Friendly Staff

We self-perform a substantial amount of our work which allows us to drive costs down without compromising the quality of performance or strength of customer service.

Our staff will check in throughout the job process, from acceptance to completion, to make sure that your locations are being taken care of properly at the highest standards in the industry.

Cost Efficiency

Our pricing structure is lower than most national maintenance providers and we think that if you choose Absolute Lock and Security for your company that we can develop a structure that works for you specifically. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep the quality and standards at a high level with a fair pricing arrangement, not at Absolute we believe simply that we should do the best job possible at a reasonable price. understand the importance of communication and know it is our job to make sure that your location is secure and the work is done on time


Billing according to your needs

Absolute offers streamlined billing and effective management make the process from job to job smooth and consistent for your maintenance teams. We are primarily focused on locks and door hardware so there is no need to worry about outrageous mark-ups from large multi-trade maintenance companies. We know you are unique and we take that into account as we partner with you to carry out invoicing procedures specialized for you.

Invoicing Simplification

There is no need to worry about endless trips to site on a regular basis, contractors taking too many hours to complete simple jobs, phantom hours and parts showing up on invoices, or the turnaround time for detailed quotes. Absolute has effective management in place and teams in place to prevent these questionable events from taking place.

"We strive is to provide the highest customer service and response time to our customers. We know you have valuable assets to protect, and it is our promise to provide cutting edge products and craftsmanship to you."
Jeremiah Burdette  |  Owner

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